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A Good Start was created from the realization of a lack of resources for our young adults who need guidance, advice and self-confidence.  Additionally, it was founded out of the love that God has for them and our community.


This project was born from the initiative of the Presbyterian Seminary of Austin with the financial support of Lily endowment, Inc. after the founders accepted an invitation to participate in the 787 Collective projects, which sought leaders to create projects that would bring and support young people in the 20s.  The idea came to fruition after the following events.

During the summer of 2018, we observed that some that graduates from our local high school in 2016 who were outstanding students had not yet begun their higher education and were just working.  They had barriers to getting a higher education including inability to pay for their studies and lack of knowledge of the application process and their educational choices.


Furthermore, only four of every ten held a driver's license because they don't have a computer in their home or for lack of payment in transit tickets or surcharges. 

We designed the mentoring plan for young adults who need help in any of the following areas, legal , driver’s license , education trade, 2 or 4-year higher education, and job search, budgets, and credit score.

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